We’ve got a new look!

Since the inception of Scuola di Fallimento in 2017, one of our favourite sayings has been: “done is better than perfect!”.

The topic of failure was still (more than now) almost a taboo, so we couldn’t wait to talk about our experience, and to make our courses available to as many people as possible, as well as falling head over heels into our mission: building and spreading a healthy culture of error.
Without any solid know-how of the web and without outside support, we, however, managed to set up our digital world showcase. With no budget, we drew on our in-house resources and creativity driven by the motto: done is better than perfect!

www.scuoladifallimento.com was therefore launched without pretending to be an award-winning website, as a simple, single webpage that over the years has been populated with projects, faces, and it has collected new ideas, launched new services, products and partnerships.
Over the years, embracing our mission, we have reached more than 9,000 people, responded to 200 interviews and designed and held over 100 workshops and talk engagements. And people looking for us on the web found all our content and our evolutions just on that same one page that came about almost as an experiment, as a simple container.

Today, with the ambition and the aim of introducing ourselves and reaching out to many more people – corporations, schools, professionals – in Italy and around the globe, creating and spreading together a culture of intelligent failure, we have decided to create a bigger showcase.
A space where we can talk about ourselves better and in a more comprehensive and structured manner, where we can also provide you with space for you and your stories, where we can offer you resources and answer your questions, where we can try out technology.

The colourful, sometimes playful and ironic, but reassuring and competent tone of voice has stayed the same, but we have decided to evolve together with our goals and to try out this new experiment: to change form, but not substance – if anything – to continue to add new and significant content.
We did it by looking for support for creating the graphic project and we found Gabriele Salamone, not only a talented web designer but someone sharing our vision and purpose (www.masdesign.it).

No launch ever runs smoothly one hundred percent and, needless to say (as we now know) mistakes are inevitable: we are not perfect beings but perfectible ones, and we have a right and duty to be better than before. And we believe this new look is better than the previous one, that it is more in line with the new technological languages, with what the Scuola has become and with what it aims to be in the coming years.
We have also taken into account that a few oversights still exist – that there may still be a few typos, that some links do not work as they should – but we are here also for this: to make mistakes and learn from them and, of course, also to listen your feedback. Whether it’s typos, links that don’t work, whether you want to tell us that you really like what you see or you don’t – message us; we’re all ears and welcome your insights.